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Training and education on advanced digital technology

AI Blockchain Services our training and education services help our clients make precisely the right steps to leverage technology to their maximum advantage. We help companies navigate and thrive in the competitive landscape of disruptive technology. We are offering custom workshops and private education for business in the London, Ont area.

Our participants of today are your success stories of tomorrow

Our Training and Education Solutions

Managed Services

We plan, implement, and manage even the most comprehensive qualification projects. Our range of services comprises analyzing qualification needs, conducting pre-assessments, developing and carrying out training plans, managing and monitoring certification projects, developing curricula and content, and scheduling.

Customized and Onsite Training

We are happy to tailor courses and curricula to suit your company’s circumstances, goals and requirements as well as participants’ prior knowledge and skills. If desired, classes can focus on special subjects that are critical to your company or incorporate examples that are specifically related to your enterprise.

IT Learning Solution

We have developed well proven tools that offer optimal training and education support to your qualification and projects. These tools with numerous self-check assessments that can help to identify your current knowledge level. We manage your talent and skills as well as the teaching IT learning solutions.

Course Development

IT infrastructures are growing ever more complex, requiring ever more specialized knowledge. Often the right IT training is just not available on the market. We develop courses covering key future technologies with content tailored to suit the needs of manufacturers, partners, and end-users.

How does your business benefit from AI Blockchain training?

The Internet of Things is the new industrial revolution and businesses with the training and knowledge will be the first to benefit from it, through processes optimizations, the introduction of new services or new business models.

Experienced Trainers
In the course of developing our own software solutions, we have acquired considerable IoT expertise. You can learn extensive tips and tricks from our experts, and profit from our years of experience.

Broad Blend of Theory and Practice
We offer many different training courses at AI Blockchain. Our priority is to balance theory, practice, and appropriate instructional methods to ensure the best possible results.

Customized Training
Do you have concrete ideas what information you and your colleagues need for a successful project? We can customize our training to provide you with exactly the knowledge and expertise you need to master those projects.

Let's Talk Business

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