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What is Robotics ?

Growing popularity has made robotic solutions an affordable option for small businesses

Manufacturing often includes repetitive, simple jobs that can be quickly and efficiently performed by machines. While it may seem like something out of “The Jetsons,” there are robotic machines, a.k.a robots, that can help your small business by executing recurring tasks, such as applying liquid coatings or moving objects around factories. These machines can also protect against injury by handling dangerous assignments, like cutting or welding metals.

Many small manufacturers assume that robots are out of their price range. But robots have become increasingly affordable as they’ve grown more prevalent. Several companies even specialize in economical used or refurbished units that can make robots affordable for your business. While robots can reduce labor costs and increase production speed, there are also some pitfalls:

  • Robots need regular maintenance. Most robot manufacturers offer maintenance training and service plans for an added fee.
  • Software to run your robots is usually included, but some companies make you buy software from outside sources.
  • Look for a robotics company that offers a simulation to demonstrate how your robot would operate. This helps you and the robot manufacturer foresee potential issues, so that they can be addressed before the robot goes to production.
  • Account for the additional amount spent on electricity; robots can cause your bill to jump more than you realize.

Create intelligent machines that think, react and perform tasks like humans.

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Robotics is revolutionizing the manufacturing sector. More businesses are turning to robotics to improve efficiency and productivity. We’ll show you how robotics can help your processes.

Materials Handling

We have a wealth of experience with processing, sorting, packing and quality control. Our systems can efficiently handle any type of material – from Food and Beverage to plastics and metal.

Research and Development

AI Blockchain Robotics has earned a reputation for cutting-edge research and innovation. We develop groundbreaking solutions for applications that our competitors label as ‘too difficult’. That’s what sets us apart.

Turnkey Solutions

We design and build specialized machine solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries. We create elegant and efficient automation solutions to enhance Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Machine Vision & Intelligence

Our vision systems from leading international suppliers are among the most advanced in the world. Combined with the latest PLCs, we deliver fast, reliable, accurate solutions and product traceability.

Onsite Support

Customer service is one of our key strengths. We’re here to help you every step of the way. If your machine needs repairs or upgrades, our experienced engineers will provide the support needed to get it back on track.

What can Robotic Process Automation do?

The core capabilities of Robotic process automation include data entry procedures in workflow processes, data extraction from standard databases and routine, static decision-making processes. In other words, the software robots are often deployed to automate the following types of tasks.

To be sure, not all processes will be suitable for automation using RPA. Prior to any RPA implementation, it is a good practice to first conduct a process feasibility assessment. Good candidate processes for RPA usually share some or all of the following attributes:

  • Data entry (order, invoice, etc)
  • Rule-based

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