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How to Develop Random Forest Ensembles With XGBoost

The XGBoost library provides an efficient implementation of gradient boosting that can be configured to train random forest ensembles. Random forest is a simpler algorithm than gradient boosting. The XGBoost library allows the models to be trained in a way that repurposes and harnesses the computational efficiencies implemented in the library for training random forest models. In this tutorial, you will...

How Does Digital Transformation Boost Growth of the Fintech Industry?

Digital Transformation: The enabler of innovation. There is hardly a boardroom discussion that ends without the mention of the two golden words.  “Across industries, digital transformation is playing a huge role in taking businesses forward. Digitalization is the one common business enhancer between traditional and modern businesses”  The one industry which has started brushing up on digital transformation guides, we are...

Is 2021 Going To Be The Year Of Bitcoin: What You Should Know

Are you aware of how much Bitcoin is expected to reach according to leading investors and experts in the field? Do you know where you would be able to use Bitcoins as payments and for transactions in the year 2021? Have you tried investing and trading in Bitcoins on platforms and exchanges and want to know what the future holds? As you...

5 Cryptocurrency Mining Facts Which Is Going To Blow Your Mind

In the past few years, cryptocurrencies have become more mainstream like never before. We all know Bitcoin has outperformed almost every other financial asset and investment during the pandemic period. With some investors getting lifetime gains in periods as low as ten or eleven months, there is no doubt that the digital currency is going to become bigger in...

How to Develop a Light Gradient Boosted Machine (LightGBM) Ensemble

Light Gradient Boosted Machine, or LightGBM for short, is an open-source library that provides an efficient and effective implementation of the gradient boosting algorithm. LightGBM extends the gradient boosting algorithm by adding a type of automatic feature selection as well as focusing on boosting examples with larger gradients. This can result in a dramatic speedup of training and improved predictive...

How Do You Differentiate AI From Automation?

A lot of us use the terms artificial intelligence (AI) and automation interchangeably to describe the technological take over in the human-operated processes, and a lot of us would stare blankly at the person who asks the difference between the two. I know I did when I was asked the same. It has been common to use these words...

More skin-like, electronic skin that can feel

A research team has developed a multimodal ion-electronic skin that distinguishes temperature from mechanical stimuli. This skin can detect various movements and is applicable in fields including humanoid skin and temperature sensors.

3Q: Christine Walley on the evolving perception of robots in the US

Christine J. Walley, professor of anthropology at MIT and member of the MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future, explores how robots have often been a symbol for anxiety about artificial intelligence and automation. Walley provides a unique perspective in the recent research brief “Robots as Symbols and Anxiety Over Work Loss.” She highlights the historical context...

IoT – A Surprise Weapon Against Climate Change

People across the world are becoming increasingly concerned about climate change and the long-term effects of our habits and decisions on the health of the planet. Rising temperatures, unprecedented natural disasters and massive loss of biodiversity have been witnessed at a frightening rate over the past few decades and it is now widely understood that changes need to be...